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How To Break 80

How To Break 80

  • How To Break 80 has quickly turn one of the best selling golf teaching programs because it is written and designed for those of us who actually have to do something else than golf to make a living. This is not a easy collection of golf tips, golf lessons or golf is your personal guide to lower scores.
  • In this book, you'll acquire the easy steps to create more consistency with your swing and game in general. To learn these steps takes approximately 30 minutes and also allows drills to ensure you can incorporate these new techniques into your game. Now, this isn't simply a guide that shows you four steps. It's a complete manual on how to shoot your best scores ever. I cover all aspects of the game so that you can produce a solid all-around game in your quest to drop shots.

What Do I Get When I Order How To Break 80?

  • When you buy the "How To Break 80" program, you will get a comprehensive guide to help you in all areas of your game. The whole program is designed to help you do your best golf possible and reviews all key areas of the game that are essential to breaking 80 on a consistent basis. This program offers practical and effective golf tips to start putting the fun back in your game.

Here's a look at what you get in this complete guide to lower scores:

  • A New Twist on Fundamentals - Consider you know the proper way to address the ball, grip the club and set up? Guess again.
  • Four Proven Techniques to Get You Into the 70's Instantly - In just minutes you can acquire what I have toiled with for most of my life! I give you step-by-step instructions on specifically what to do in terms of your swing.
  • Shotmaking Secrets - I tell you specifically how to draw and fade the ball so you can attack any pin you see and add distance when you need it.
  • Dealing With Trouble Shots - You'll see how to turn adversity into birdie with these proven techniques to save you from even the toughest of bad breaks.
  • How to Develop a Rock-Solid Short Game - You won't have to worry about hitting greens in regulation when I teach you how to get up and down from nearly everywhere.
  • The simple Formula for Short Game Shots - This is one of the best and easiest lessons I learned to simplify the complex short game shots for handicappers of all levels.
  • Mastering the Chip Shot - New! - I'll uncover to you the foolproof way to consistently chip the ball so you catch it cleanly every time and put the right amount of roll and loft on your shots.
  • The Putting Secrets of the Pros - We all know that the real difference between the guys who play professional golf and the accomplished amateur is putting. I teach you specific techniques and exercises so you can expect to drain every putt you swing at.
  • Secrets to Reading Greens Properly - New! - Isn't is daunting when you hit a putt the perfect speed and distance only to find the line was off? I'll reveal to you how read greens so that before you even hit the ball you'll have unfair advantage over your competitors.
  • My Highly Effective "Putting Results" Practice Game - New! - I created this game that gets me focused on draining everything in sight. You'll learn to approach every putt as if you'll make it...even if you're 35 feet away! I detail it for you step by step to improve your putting instantly.
  • A Mental Gameplan - You will learn the easy and tested methods to keep your brain on track to do your best golf possible. A good swing alone will not hold you in the 70's for long.
  • Perfect Practice Techniques - I tell you step-by-step what you need to do in order to prepare yourself to break 80. I even go so far as to tell you how much time you should spend on each drill and specifically how and what to practice leading up to your round.
  • Professional Pre-Shot Routine - I provide you specifically the exact things I do before every shot (mental and physical actions) for you to apply to your own.
  • How to Handle Bad Shots - New! - Hitting bad shots can emotionally and mentally ruin your round and enjoyment of the game. I'll show you a bulletproof method to not only handling these tough times but turning them into opportunities for lower scores.
  • Sand do Success - New! - I recently added an entirely new chapter on Sand do and in it I detail the exact checklist I use to get up and down from any bunker. In addition, I'll show you how to deal with trouble bunker shots such as a buried lie, hard sand and more!
  • The 10 Essential Components of Breaking 80 - After corresponding and working with thousands of golfers who break 80 (and a lot who don't), I line out for you the absolute must-haves for your game and how to incorporate them effectively.
  • And much more...As you can see, I focus the content of the program on the EXACT matters you need to do in order to play your best golf ever. There are some folks who break 80 already who know these matters but I go the extra 50 yards and show you in easy-to-understand terms how to apply these concepts and techniques to your game.

A.) How To Break 70

  • At this point, it's all about fine-tuning and getting the most out of your scoring opportunities. The best way to drop a few strokes is to sharpen your putting. You need to lag those long breakers close, and switch the good shots from five feet and in for birdie. Here's how I work on my putting. Lag it close.
  • For long putts, I consider mostly about speed, although I do pick a spot a few feet in front of me as an aiming point. But once I'm over the ball and sure about the line, I have only positive thoughts that I'll hit it so close I can just pass to the hole and tap it in. If I don't feel comfortable at any point, I'll start over.
  • On short putts, my goal is to take a straight-back, straight-through stroke, keeping the putterhead low. I want the putterhead to stay under the shaft. Try it with a friend. All that's left is staying patient one extra second; never rush the short ones.
B.)  How To Break 90

  • Learn how to make the "mindset" change that will go to improved swing consistency and lower scoring within your 1st round after taking this course. In less than an hour with this program, you will learn how to practice effectively on the range and avoid countless hours of wasted effort generating poor swing results. Understand the "numbers" in golf and you will look back and question why you took the game so hard for yourself.
  • I will also show you how to practice effectively on the range to hone the handful of skills you need to shoot in the 80's. If you have never broken 90 before, are passionate about your game, yet so disappointed at not getting results after the countless hours invested on trying to improve your swing and the money you have spent on equipment, then this course will render you with unique solutions to improve your swing consistency and lower your scores even if you have limited time to practice. I am so confident that you will drop your scores and improve your swing consistency immediately with my strategizing technique, that I am offering you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

What you will receive with this golf e-book and 3 part video course:

  • How to effectively study a golf course so that you can improve your swing consistency by "simplifying" what you have to accomplish on each hole. 
  • How to make an effective golf strategy that lowers your scores immediately by optimizing the skills you already have.
  • How to make a practice strategy that will focus your valuable time on the skills you need to meet your scoring goals.
  • How to practice in a manner that will accelerate your swing development and lead in lasting swing improvements.
  • How to change your golf "mindset" and ability to "think clearly" on the course to avoid wasted strokes.
  • How to avoid wasted strokes around the greens.

C.)  How To Break 80 Golf Digest

  • In this book, you will acquire the basic knowledge, tips for how to hit great scores, and guide for how to get beautiful hit in difficulty etc. No matter you are a learner or a skilled golfer, you can get benefits in this book. It is easy for reading and realise that you do not need to worry their jargons and abbreviations. Jack has thought about this for you. As a pro golf trainer, he knows where the trouble is for learner and where is the hard-over for casual golfer, he wrote this book rightly for both of you who want to improve your golf skills in a short time.
  • Most players who struggle to break 80 have trouble making consistent contact. They hit it fat and thin, and catch strokes off the toe and heel. Use some balls as visual guides to help you start catching more strokes in the middle of the face. To develop yourself to stop hitting it fat, set up a line of balls 15 inches behind the ball you’re addressing, and practice hitting shots without knocking the line out of place. For heel and toe misses, position balls three inches to the outside and the inside of your ball (above), and try to hit the middle ball clean. Avoiding such obstacles will help you focus on swing path, without thinking about mechanics.
D.)  How To Break 80 Review

  • Golf is a game that needs a lot of skill to accomplish a good score. Most golfers aim to Break 80 and often try a lot of different techniques or spend a lot of money on pro lessons in an attempt to attain this feat. Still, there are a number of products available online that claim they can help improve your game at a fraction of the price. Truly, a lot of people are doubting of such products due to the number of scams often advertised on the internet. But not all these products are scams and there are a lot of good products available from reputable authors and teachers. This How to Break 80 review gets to show the pros and the cons of this particular product to help potential buyers decide whether or not they feel it is right for them.
  • How to Break 80 and Shoot like the Pros’ is an e-book by Jack Moorehouse who has a reputation as a successful golf swing trainer. He has published a number of articles on golf and offers a successful free weekly newsletter on the sport that won the 2006 Apex A award for Publication Excellence. This is an updated version of the same book that was previously released, but now includes seven new areas. It has already been advocated by a number of credible sites and has a lot of positive reviews available online. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee so that if you are not happy with the results you can simply get your money back. How to Break 80 comes as an e-book and as an audio program. There is also the bonus e-book ‘Fit to a Tee’ by Mike Pedersen and the article series ‘Secret Low Handicap’ along with free lifetime upgrades for the book, making it great value for money.
  • This program promises to result in improvements almost immediately in both the physical and mental aspects of the game. There are four main proven proficiencies taught to users, as well as tips on how to remember and implement these proficiencies on the course. There are also tips on how to read greens properly and sand play success, covering all aspects of the game. Illustrations are used in the e-book to help you visualize the proficiencies and therefore implement them properly. The book also says it can amend all three of the main areas involved in golf by improving your swing, developing driving distance, and getting better short shots, all resulting in lower scores. The detail of the guide as well as its set-up means that it is suitable for both learners and those that have been playing the game for a while. However, whilst promising quick and massive improvements, the book often fails to highlight that this can only be accomplished by putting in the needed amount of time and effort and as such results will not be the same for everyone.
  • By following this book, you are assured to lower your disability but whether or not you Break 80 is down to the individual and how much of the program they take onboard. But once the improvements begin you will start to enjoy the game more and look forward to your next round, meaning more time on the course and more improvements in your game. In time, you will be breaking 80 almost every time you play.
E.) How to Break 80 Putt :

Improve your Putting

To break 80, you possess to do two things when it comes to putting: make three-putts extremely infrequent and make a very high percentage from inside 5 feet. First things first: make sure your stroke and putter match one another. If you like to take the putter straight back and through, consider a face-balanced model. If you prefer to putt with a bit of an arc in your stroke, you'll be better off using a toe-weighted putter. By matching your stroke to the proper putter design, you'll make more short putts, since these are the ones most dependent on line.

SPEED IS KEY: Proper speed is critical for eliminating three-putts, because it's the key to good lag putting. To improve your distance control, pick a spot about 10 feet away on the practice green and try to roll a ball directly onto the spot. Once the ball comes to rest, try to roll another ball just past the first, but as close to it as you can. Don't come up short—if you do, you have to start over. Your goal is to get 10 balls into a 10-foot area, each one just a bit farther away than the previous ball.

F.) How to break 80 Mini

Tip 1: Don't be afraid of scoring well

We all get 'on a roll' sometimes during a turn, scoring 5 or 6 pars in a course or sometimes even 2 or 3 birdies in a row. It is at this place that we trust that it is merely too good to be true and that this wonderful scoring has to end soon. We almost don't mind to follow this great run up with a few bogeys!

I had to learn to not 'be afraid' of scoring well, especially when I am 'on a roll'. It is important to stick to the basics when you get into a situation of scoring well. There is no reason why these 'good scores' should dry up. Just keep your focus, stick to your pre-shot and enjoy 'being in the zone'.

Tip 2: Accept your mistakes

Ben Hogan (who was a perfectionist) famously said that "mistakes are human". We claim to be realistic that we will make a few errors during our round.

I start my round by accepting that I likely will make a few mistakes, which means I will be mentally organized when they do happen. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I go into my round focussing on the theory of mistakes, I am simply practical.

I always concentrate on preparing to the greatest of my ability and make the best swing I can make every time. If this results in a mistake, I simply accept it and do my best with the following shot in hand.

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